Apply for a Painting Grant for the Exterior of your House from the Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s ‘True Colours’ Program.

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Here’s a great way to start your year:

If you own a heritage house (or building) in Vancouver, you may want to consider applying for a grant from the Vancouver Heritage Foundation for the exterior painting of your house or building.  The VHF’s True Colours program allows owners of heritage houses to apply for up to $1500** in a cash grant + FREE PAINT from Benjamin Moore.  **Larger cash grants in some cases.

Vancouver Heritage House Painting - Careful Painting
Careful Painting painted the exterior of this Heritage House in Vancouver as part of the Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s ‘True Colours’ Grant program.
Careful Painting does Heritage House Painting
Vancouver Heritage House Painting done by Careful Painting as part of the Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s ‘True Colours’ Grant program.

The way the program works is that if your application is successful, a heritage consultant will attempt to determine the original colour scheme of each house or building.  The paint schemes funded will be from the True Colours Palette or original to the building as per the consultant’s report.  Benjamin Moore will provide free paint, which Careful Painting can properly and skilfully apply.

Careful Painting is an approved, official Benjamin Moore painter for the Vancouver Heritage Foundation and True Colours program, and has completed several projects for the program.

**Remember -The Deadline to Apply is this February 1st

Please contact Careful Painting for more information on how to apply and for an official estimate for the True Colours grant  604-730-1566 or email us at   You can Click Here for your Free Heritage Grant Estimate.

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