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Vancouver Painters Careful Painting does Vancouver Deck Refinishing

Careful Painting does Deck Refinishing in Vancouver.

Careful Painting does Deck Refinishing in Vancouver.  This includes work on Decks, Porches, Steps, Patios, Walkways, and any other horizontal surface that is walked upon.

Many homes in Vancouver have Decks or Porches, and most at least have steps.  Finished surfaces that are walked upon deteriorate much faster than other coated areas, such as siding.  Maintaining these surfaces is very important, not just for appearance, but also for longevity of the surface material.  Careful Painting is your Vancouver Painter, AND is the answer to your deck maintenance question. 

While Vancouver Deck Refinishing usually means working on Wood surfaces, some decks are fibreglass, and many patios and steps are painted concrete.  Decks do need regular maintenance.  This may mean simply mean having Careful Painting clean and apply one coat of finish to the surface, or it may mean fully removing the existing finish before applying a new coating.  Careful Painting even does deck repair work. 

Careful Painting has the right choice for your horizontal surface.  


Vancouver Painters.  Vancouver Deck Refinishing.

Careful Painting At Work. Refinishing a Wooden Deck in Vancouver.

  • Deck Stains and Finishes
  • Solid Colour Deck Stains
  • Porch & Floor Enamels
  • Heavy Deck Coatings (Deckote, etc)
  • Special Fibreglass Coatings
  • Deck Repairs & Carpentry




The process is very similar to our exterior painting system.

What you can expect: 

  • Cleaning Work:  This is the first, and a very important step.  Depending on the surface, cleaning can include use of detergents, wood cleaners, wood strippers and wood brighteners.  Proper and thorough cleaning is done by scrubbing and power washing, followed by thorough rinsing.
  • Preparation Work:  Prep work will be thorough regardless of the surface.  Some surfaces won’t require any sanding, while others will need to have the current finish completely removed before being refinished.
  • Materials:  Careful Painting will recommend the very best product for your type of horizontal surface.  These include:  Sikkens, Benjamin Moore, Deckote, etc.
  • Coating Application:  We always apply the right product, the right way, in suitable conditions.  Some products are best applied by brush, while others should be applied by roller.  Careful Painting will always apply the coating the best way to ensure the best appearance and longevity.

Careful Painting is your solution to all of your deck care needs.  Problem Solved!

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